Process of Automatization

AuraQuantic's process automatization solution allows you to turn chaos into productivity, all you need to do is define the process flow diagrams you want your teams to follow.

Phase 1: Draw --> Phase 2: Define --> Phase 3: Execute

Phase 1: Draw

AuraQuantic 'Modeler' allows you to manage on the drawing canvas, the Objects (classified into Tasks, Events and Gates) and the Connection Lines that establish the operational flow of the process.

Phase 2: Define

You will be able to modify the attributes of the Diagram Objects that, together, completely define the process. The tool to design forms is one of the strengths offered by AuraQuantic.

The following attributes can also be configured in AuraQuantic:

  • Library processing

  • Digital signature

  • Data table processing

  • Unstructured data management

  • Case management

  • Collaborative management

  • Mobility + Apps

  • Deviation management

  • Connectivity

  • Data repository management

  • Regulatory

  • Decision control

Phase 3: Execute

AuraQuantic is the only BPM that can execute what you have designed without additional programming. 

The execution of each process is controlled with traceability. Likewise, all the data related to each process (time, costs) is stored through the monitoring system in order to provide relevant information for decision making and statistical records.