Software Factory

At Xphera we know in a high detail the problems of software development and the implementation of software factory models.

We study in detail our client's environment, from the creation of the idea, through the demand management, requirements management, analysis and estimation, construction and testing, to the implementation of a developed solution.

We believe in the efficiency of outsourcing software development, as long as the entities and companies have aligned their internal processes to ensure the implementation in a short period of time.

Not only do we develop software components or solutions, but we also accompany organizations in the achievement of an efficient outsourcing development model.

We use the best practices of the industry as the basis of applicable methodologies, adapted and effective for our clients that manifest themselves in transparency throughout the construction process, with defined and monitored metrics.

We strive to transfer knowledge, so that our clients' work teams can access and adopt the best practices, so that they can apply them within their work teams.