Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM platforms allow you to track your sales activities in an easy and simple way, from  contact stage to the end of the sales process that results in the delivery of products and services.

With CRM you can:

  1. Manage sales initiatives and sales opportunities collected through different channels: salespeople, contact centers, the contact form on your websites, etc.

  2. Track all emails and documents exchanged with customers.

  3. Integrate with different applications and platforms such as Windows, Google, cell phones, etc.  While maintaining synchronization.

  4. Create campaigns and define actions to be performed with potential customers. 

Manage all documents related to the opportunity:

  1. Manage of contacts (address book, accounts, category creation etc.) in a single organization database.

  2. Assign contacts and opportunities to a specific salesperson or sales manager for personalized sales management.

  3. Keep a history of customer communications, scheduling meetings and phone calls.

  4. Access the meeting calendar shared among the entire sales team.

  5. Estimate probabilities of success in commercial relationships, revenue forecasting.

CRM allows to customize the sales flow according to the stages that must be followed in the organization.  It is possible to visualize at any time the consolidation of opportunities and in which stage they are.