Unified Communications

Communications are becoming more complex every day in the corporate world, which leads us to communicate through different media: teleconferencing, telepresence, multi-platform instant messaging, e-mails, voice calls, social networks, mobile applications, etc. The range of possibilities is growing at the pace of technology.

At Xphera we are convinced that this ability to contact citizens, customers, partners, suppliers, and institutions is a significant chance for growth and sustainability.

Our proposal, based on experience and knowledge, is to integrate in the most efficient way the current or future communications platforms of our customers, ensuring that the end customer experience is agile, efficient, transparent, secure, and compliant.

The integrations involve the different devices with collaboration tools from manufacturers such as Windows Skype 4 Business, Google Apps, among others.

We offer first level technological solutions in the market, but we always propose the reuse of components, thus, intervening those aspects necessary to scale to a high value solution.